Behind the Window


“Behind the Window”

A short film by Nyusha Glenn

As i sit behind the window
i watch how the world is living it’s life.
My life is here, inside,
i feel alone, tired and obsolete.
Do i dare to take the step,
even tho i know that it will hurt me
and i have to pick myself up from the depth.
Maybe it will make a smile on my face for once,
enjoying the sun like how it once was.
Letting my thoughts go
and those moments where my pain is no more.
But in the end of the day
i will still sit behind my window and pray
dreaming about a new way.
Until then behind the window i stay…



“Behind the Window” is based
on parts of my own life.

It is an emotional story about hope,
desire, pain, sorrow and 
about trying
to find the joy again in life,

even if it’s just a dream,
while sitting behind the window.

Written and directed by: Nyusha Glenn
Poem / lyrics: Nyusha Glenn
Styling & MUA: NG Studio
Stills / Photography: NG

Edit: NG Studio
Music: Ólafur Arnalds – Poland

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