Disoriented – The short film serie

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Written & Directed | Filmed & Edited by: Nyusha Glenn
Music by: Gaya Productions

“I have to let go of who i was and start living who i am now.”

After a really long time and loads of edit, filmwork and emotions i am really proud
that i can finally share with you all the first episode of my project Disoriented: Fatal Attraction!
Disoriented: Fatal Attraction Part 1 is the first episode that is based on parts of my own life
and about a life with IBA (acquired brain impairment). It’s about letting go of somethings inside,
it’s about letting some parts of myself die. This is needed so that i can go on with my life,
so that i can enjoy my life once again and not be hunted for who i was in the past.
It’s a difficult battle because there are so many moments to try to enjoy and be happy
but they are quickly crushed because of physical pains, mental difficulties and with depressions.
So i have to addept, i have to change.

“I have to let go of who i was and start living who i am now.”

Father: Glenn Cornelisse
Mother/Wife: Mireille Hislop
Child 1: Juneau
Child 2: Maya

Written & Directed by: Nyusha Glenn
Filmed and Edited by: Nyusha Glenn Creative Studio
Music en score by: Gaya Productions

Contact: info@nyushaglenn.com

Thank you so much for watching!
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