The story behind Nyusha Glenn

Glenn is an International Photographer and Digital Artist / Photo Comic Artist.
Creating conceptual & Illustrative deep storytelling images.
Glenn’s work is mostly about deep emotions and the inner struggles of humanity.
Glenn is also specialised 
in portrait photography with his very own unique style and his way of working.

born on 5 October 1983 in a small house in The Hague, The Netherlands
and was given the name Glenn Cornelisse.
Glenn started his creativity with many forms of art since he was a small boy,
always busy with painting, drawing portraits and making music.
During his life he has been playing and working as a musician and producer,
playing different kinds of instruments from guitar, piano, flute to drums.

In 2001 Glenn started music production studio Gaya Productions
where he composed many kinds of music from classical,
lounge, rnb, hip hop, sing and songwriter and dance.
He was also signed as an artist and played in different countries during the years working as an musician.

“Dare to dream, let go and live the dream”

At the age of 25 Glenn wanted to do more with painting, art and graphic design.
So he started learning Graphic Designer and Desktop Publisher and worked for different employers.

In 2011 after an unfortunate accident his life as a musician and artist was over
and he was forced to drastically change his life and had to stop working.
After more than 10 months in bed Glenn picked up his old camera and started to document
his days through pictures. With portraits of himself and his family he captured the struggle
and the pain during these emotional times (A project: “Een leven met NAH” that he is still working on).
During these times his photography grew strong 
and people started to recognise his work,
dark tones, black and red backgrounds with high 
contrast and deep,
heavy emotional portraits became his identity.

Then in Nov 2015 Glenn started to work under the name Nyusha Glenn
something that raised a lot questions, but Glenn said:
Nyusha has multiple meanings: A Good Listener but also Pure and Beautiful, Glenn means: Valley
“A good listener in a Valley” /  “A Pure Valley”  and “A Beautiful Valley”.
Nyusha Glenn has such meaning to me, it combines a female and male name and to me it captures everything that I want to combine inside my work.
A valley has always something magical, inside the valley there can be a good listener, something pure and something beautiful.

“I love people and i love their stories, my work should mean something and tell who they really are
and yes confronting it is, i want to show the beauty of a person and let them show
that with all their flaws how beautiful and unique they really are!”

His way of making and capturing an image has more meaning and much more depth
then just the light, composition and technical stuff that comes in play.
For Glenn a portrait is about the feelings, the emotions and the stories behind the eyes of person in front of him.
Now a day’s almost everyone with a good camera and some lighting equipment can make a good photo in or out of the studio.
But these days a lot of photographers forget what it’s all about, you work with human beings
they are not a product and each and every one of them will have there own emotions and life stories.
Glenn believes that you have to love, be compassionate and be social not only with or behind the camera
but also beside and without the camera, to be truly interested in each individual.

In and out of the studio Glenn and his team really take the time to get to know you.
And that is something unique in these stressful times where everything has to be done quickly where time is more important than a person and a beautiful, touching and profound result. But we know that that extra time is worth more than time itself.

It’s about the human being that is in front of you with real emotions and real feelings,
and most important: “A person is NOT a product!”



School / Academy

  • Fotoacademie – Amsterdam (NL)


  • Portrait award 2014 (Grote Paul)

As a photographer Glenn has delivered work for:

– Venticare Magazine, LEF Magazine, straatnieuws (newspaper), Matthew (Mateo) Stoneman, Johannes Möller, Jared Grant,
Naxos (record Label), Treeforce, Dream Concert, Mizrakh, Hans Karssen, La Perla, Ruischoaching, Nupp Nappi, 

  ANTON (Dutch Movie), DNG, Vangelis Sopamena, Silverster, band photography and much much more.

“Creativity is Endless, it’s just how you see the world”

“The people behind Nyusha Glenn”

– MUA & Much more: Mireille Hislop
– Photographer & Creative Mind: Glenn Cornelisse