The SYNCHO Universe

‘The Universe of SYNCHO™

In 2013 i started working on a dream.
I started writing and creating a universe and a Photo Comic Art book series named ‘SYNCHO.

SYNCHO is a fictional universe with characters and stories that takes you on a epic journey and visual experience. I always wanted to created my own worlds, characters and stories. So for many years I have been working on my own unique visual style and my way of storytelling. Tho It’s stories and characters in SYNCHO are based on my own life experiences, emotions, dreams and the interpretations of the complexity of a sometimes very confusing reality, they are very much fictional.

“Everyday it feels as a never ending searchs and struggle to a new balance and purpose in my life.
The universe of ‘SYNCHO’ gives me the freedom of storytelling and creating my own visual style to tell my stories.” -ng-

‘The Wrath of Jack Wright

‘Syncho: the wrath of Jack Wright’ is the first story and PCA book ‘Chapter 1′ that I have been working on for 6 years. It’s a sci-fi and Psychological thriller, Set After the virus E.X.O.S. infected most of the populations across the galaxy. Jack the main character in this story gets the assignment to find and confront his nemesis Archo inside Syncho to get rit of him once and for all. But not everything is at it seems.

“Take the leap and join the fight, the future is coming…” -ng-

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Jan 2021,
A special message to all my followers, friends and family.

‘It has been a long time, but I want to thank you all for still following me and my work even after so little new work and news these last 2 years. I am really sorry for the radio silence these last 1,5 years. But after my own health relapsed again, I was in a really bad shape and i was not able to work on my artwork and this project anymore now for more than over a year. Because of this I had to make a hard and painful decision to stop with my business and as a working photographer. I will however slowly start to pick up this project again that lies so closely to my heart but in a much slower tempo. I hope people would still like to read it, and maybe one day there will be a real copy in your hands in the future.

Love, Nyusha Glenn’

News and Artwork
The SYNCHO Universe

Sneak Peek of some Artworks from the Book 1 – Chapter/Volume 1
‘SYNCHO: The wrath of Jack Wright’


April 2019

Opening 24 – 25 May in Amsterdam and the official first look of the Demo edition
Hope to see you there!


March 2019

Yes, I just couldn’t wait to share this with everybody!
The official Cover art for the first Photo Comic Art book
‘SYNCHO: The wrath of Jack Wright’


July 2018

It has been some time but I am really so excited to share this first artwork with your all.
Jack meets Nyo Sai for the very first time.


Jan 2018

‘SYNCHO: The wrath of Jack Wright’
The first ‘Black edition’ concept covert art for my very first and upcoming Photo Comic Art Book!
I can’t wait to show you all more and the first artworks!
More news is coming when it is ready to share!


Nov 2018

‘Take the leap and join the fight’
I can’t wait for you all to see my very own and first Photo Comic Art book!
I hope your excited as I am. More news coming very soon!