The SYNCHO Universe

“The History behind and creating SYNCHO”

In 2013 i started working on a dream.
I started writing and creating a photo comic artbook (PCA) and a fictional universe with characters and stories.
Over these last few years 
I have been developing myself as a Photo Comic Artist with my own style. Following my own path and vision.

“The Wrath of Jack Wright”

‘Syncho: the wrath of Jack Wright’ is a sci-fi and Psychological thriller and photo comic artbook (PCA),
Set After the virus E.X.O.S. infected most of the populations across the galaxy.
Jack gets the assigment to find and confront his nemesis Archo inside syncho to get rit of him once and for all.

But not everything is at it seems.

The official artwork of the first Photo Comic Artbook ‘SYNCHO: The wrath of Jack Wright”

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UPDATE: May 2019

The official Cover of ‘SYNCHO: The wrath of Jack Wright”

UPDATE: May 2019

The official artwork is out there!
I can’t wait for the exhibition and first look days.
Off Course I hope to see some publishers / investors but I really hope
to see some sci-fi, adventure and fantasy comic book fans!
I Hope to see you there!


UPDATE: April 2019

It is time! On 24, 25 and 26 of May 2019 on my Graduation Exhibition
I will reveal for the first time the universe of SYNCHO and the demo of
the first story and Photo Comic Artbook: “SYNCHO: The wrath of Jack Wright”.

UPDATE: March 2019

I just finished the first demo and I can’t wait to show you guys the final artwork and posters that I will start publishing in May 2019!
But just because I can’t wait I will share the first banner
of the SYNCHO Universe.

UPDATE: January 2019

For the last five years I have been working on the universe of SYNCHO 
and the first Photo Comic Artbook: “SYNCHO: The wrath of Jack Wright”.
A sci-fi psychological thriller that will follow the main character Jack Wright through a path where not everything is at it seems.

More info coming soon!!


Stay Tuned….
There is much, much more info and posts coming very soon!

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