About NG

The story behind Nyusha Glenn

“In the darkness that seems oppressive and endless, you’ll have to find the light in yourself.
To see, that it is never completely dark. Even though it creates the illusion that it is.” -ng-

Nyusha Glenn is an Autonomous Photographer and Digital Artist, Photo Comic Artist and storyteller.
Creating surrealistic conceptual & Illustrative storytelling images.

The core of his artwork is an experience and perception that concerns the inner struggle, inner demons and the emotional conflicts from within.
A surreal, cinematic and mental translation of an often confusing reality that arises from his own experiences/perception and his fantasy.
His art and stories are 
about loss, beauty, fear and the fight both against and with the inner demons and life itself.
It’s an continuous journey through a self-created universe that originates from dreams, emotions and the complexity of a confusing reality.
In which he can tell his stories as an image maker, artist and storyteller that is based on his own expierences, emotions and life.

Nyusha Glenn started with art and photography after an accident that not only drastically changed his entire life.
But it also changed how his brain functions and how he experiences emotions and his surroundings.
After more than 10 months in bed he picked up his old camera out of boredom and started to document
his days through pictures. With portraits of himself and his own family he captured the struggle, the fight against and with himself
and the pain during these emotional times. (Project: “Een leven met NAH”).

(update 2021)
With pain in my heart I have to inform you all that because of my health and that It was no longer possible to run Nyusha Glenn.
I had to stop with my business and as a working photographer. I will still continue to create some new work in my own free time if I have the energy.
I still would like to publish my Photo Comic Artbook: SYNCHO one day.

“The balance on a thin line only seems to exist in between” -ng-





Working Projects

In 2014 Glenn started writing and creating in secret the Photo Comic Art project “SYNCHO”TM.
An entire fictional universe 
that takes you on a epic story and expierence with his very own unique visual style and way of storytelling.
Tho It’s stories and characters in SYNCHO are based on his life and interpretations of his own reality and dreams, they are fictional.
“Everyday it feels as a never ending searchs and struggle to a new balance and purpose in life.
The universe of ‘SYNCHO’ gives me the freedom of storytelling and creating my own visual style.”


School / Academy

  • Fotoacademie – Amsterdam (NL)


  • Portrait award 2014 (Grote Paul)